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Food Delivery App Development: A Complete Guide for the Startups in 2021

By Zignuts Team on Jan 29, 2021
Food Delivery App development Guide

Once a magician asked a child, what do you like to eat? A child said a toffee. He performed some trick and offered a toffee to a lovely child.

Is there anything like magic? What do you think? Does magician have any tricks or divine power? It is subject of practising hand tricks nothing else. But, we should consider as a logical idea to implement as a business opportunity. We can see that through powerful applications developed by Android and iOS app development agencies.

Let’s think about the meals you love to dine at home and receive in minutes. For that, you need to imagine what do you want to eat? A pizza! How if it’s available in your hand within 30 min! It can be.

The world is changing phenomena, and similarly, technology is changing and transforming the numerous industry by bringing digital dimension in the business.

How? That’s what we are going to discuss here. 

According to Statista, the revenue in the online food delivery segment has projected to reach US$28,486m in 2021. It has expected to show an annual growth rate of 4.3%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$32,325m by 2024.

The statistics are dividing into two categories;

The revenue in the Platform-to-Consumer Delivery segment has projected to reach US$11,923m in 2021 and an annual growth rate of (2021-24) 5.1%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$13,853m by 2024.

The revenue in the Restaurant-to-Consumer Delivery segment has projected to reach US$16,564m in 2021 and an annual growth rate of (2021-24) 3.7%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$18,472m by 2024.

The food industry has involved the most and profiting in the market for transforming restaurant services like online home delivery using technology advancement. The food industry is growing with the support of technology. The statistic report is an invisible shoutout for restaurant businesses and startups to take an opportunity and get benefited.

If your mind gets clicked to have a mobile app for a restaurant, you should go for food delivery app development, or do you have a food delivery app? If yes. Have you updated the features in your on-demand food app?

There are numerous food apps and related services available online. At Zignuts Technolab, we have catered many food businesses, startups, restaurants and restaurant chains to multiply their business income through food ordering and delivery apps. Hire on-demand mobile app developer who takes responsibility for designing to development to deploy on app stores.

Do you have a food delivery app idea? As food delivery startup, you should know the features of the food delivery app.

The required features to have in your food ordering and delivery apps. The trio version application helps users; customers, delivery men(drivers), and administrators.

Customer app

  • Search feature
    Users can search restaurants, cafes and takeaways by location and menu. You can easily manage food orders by placing a unique search pattern with multiple dishes, restaurants and other menus to your online users.
  • Order placement
    Customers can effortlessly place their orders with few clicks. Automatic navigation drives them straight to the final procedure. For example, they can select item and add their it using add to order functionality. Now, you need to take them to the payment process and conclude the order. 
  • Live tracking
    Customers can track their food order by geolocation map. What a great idea with the best food delivery app! Google maps that integrated into food delivery app for customers satisfaction about their delivery. It is as real as users can feel a virtual tour with them by checking how much time a driver takes to reach the restaurant, and deliver to the destination. 
  • Payment gateway 
    The payment gateway brings easiness for users and food ordering service providers to receive money through integrated payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe and others. Your users can pay through credit/debit card or other payment gateway options for payment. 
  • Feedback and rating
    Feedbacks are crucial to know the response of your online food app. You should include rate and reviews feature in your app. Thus, you can look into the deceptions in time. 
  • Delivery driver’s app: 
    A professional of the food delivery app service is a delivery man or a driver who delivers food on time. 
  • Signup or login: 
    Drivers need to signup in the app through various networks like Gmail and Facebook. A signup procedure should be easy for new joiner so that they can register in the app. 
  • User profile
    It is easier to talk with a person whose entire profile is visible to users. Thus, a delivery app for drivers should allow them to maintain a full profile include a name, email id, contact number, photo and other important information. 
  • Notification 
    How drivers get a hint for the new order? They are receiving new orders by push notification requested by the users. The drivers should get a sound alert for the orders requested when they are not active on the delivery app. 
  • Manage deliveries
    Drivers can manage various food deliveries simultaneously at a time and respond. They can accept all the requests that are nearest to other delivery areas. 
  • GPS plan integration
    GPS map integration in the delivery app is a valuable feature for a delivery boy. GPS supports food delivery boy by providing classic routes. Sometimes, a delivery boy has to append a last-minute order, and he requires a shorter way to reach the destination on time.

Admin dashboard (a third important controlling feature)

  • Checking activities 
    An admin can monitor each activity perform on the food delivery app(users/drivers). Admin monitors food deliveries, drivers, scheduled/cancelled orders, and access drivers information through the admin dashboard. 
  • Manage order requests
    Manage each operation from food parcel pickups to delivery and scheduled orders. You will simplify orders and deliver them on an appropriate time to the customers. 
  • Real-time update 
    An administrator has to aware of the availability of the food delivery drivers and restaurants. In this feature, you can get real-time changes and notification about drivers and restaurants owners when they update their profile, restaurant open-close, and a recent update of availability.

The food delivery app architecture should manage and run all the features and functionalities simultaneously.

Challenges and hurdles suffer from online food delivery businesses.

  • Unstable customer base
    The competition is very high in the online food delivery industry. Such marketing strategies are offering by food delivery businesses to secure a happy customer base. The competitiveness in the food industry can’t stable for a single provider because constant changes in offers and varieties of food attract people to divert on others. 
  • Irregularities in food state
    There is a difference to dine out in the restaurant and serve the food on the doorstep. It is quite challenging to maintain food quality as it is preparing far away from the delivery place, and yet, they are trying to provide as same as you have in the outlets.
  • Unpredictable prices
    It is not the customer base only, but the food industry prices are unpredictable too. By facing inflation and the increasing rate of the food in cooperation with their co-partners, they have to change pricing models in the market as they are receiving from the competitors. It is difficult for delivery brands to handle these issues.

Now we have a solution for online food delivery app industry.

  • A problem comes with a solution. As same as technology brings opportunities and some obstacles, but there are solutions too! Customer relationship management program will help to keep a healthy and constant relationship between the brands and customers. 
  • Management of the entire program is extremely crucial. You can solve your problems by managing resources. It has a vast impact of efficiency to the delivery business, and you receive a customer satisfaction for sure. 
  • Effective marketing strategies are the solution to any business. In-short, you have to reach to your customer in realtime helps you to grow your business. 
  • A true leader wins the competition always. He who takes up the higher responsibility to respond, make customer-friendly relation and support them.

There are several food delivery apps, and one of rare is a successful food app like Uber Eats and Swiggy.

  • Uber Eats
    Uber eats app provides users with an easy payment option and simple ordering functionality. Find the meal you desire and order food from restaurants easily with the Uber Eats app. Real-time tracking is a remarkable feature of the app. It’s natural you feel for your business and think about how to make an on-demand delivery app?
  • Swiggy
    Swiggy app provides users with multi choices of food from various restaurants. They have trained restaurants and delivery partners with hygiene protocols. The Swiggy – food delivery app will get your favourite meal delivered right at the doorstep.

Wrapping up,

Online food ordering app is not just delivery app but a concept that creates employment for various businesses or executives. In this reading, you have a deep understanding of how food ordering app behaves from all three sides. Are you planning to launch your on-demand food delivery app? Or do you want to develop a mobile app for a restaurant?

How to develop a food delivery app?

You need to approach an expert on-demand delivery app development company for your project. You need to discuss each aspect of food delivery app development; how much does it cost? What are the features and functionalities to be an add-on? How will the food order app works?

Hire an on-demand mobile app developer! You can reach us by filling out a contact form! We help you with the best resources of app and website development for your project.

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