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How An Event Mobile App Connects Attendee And Improve The Audiences Journey Before An Event

September 15, 2021 - 7:31 am - Post by Zignuts

Here are some ideas to make events more engaging and interactive through an Event Mobile App for Meetup.

Once upon a time, the major reasons for attending events were mostly educational. Undoubtedly culture evolved and nowadays apart from networking and synergy became more collaborative and problem-solving, that provides real value to the conferences.

This situation becomes more visible if it is about contributing to a crowd at a prominent public event. So, when it comes to managing a meetup event and, about enduring exhibitions at different places, organizers need to manage everything sincerely. It is more important to connect the attendees more streamlined and automated.

According to the survey, more than 1.8 million meetups and events in the U.S. and 5 million in the worldwide, but on an average attendee will only attend 4–6 events per year. If you desire to up your probabilities that your event be in the list of one of the six they attend, then you have to assure you’re planning the journey of attendee that make them excited.

So, how we can make it happen? One of the best ways is to develop an event mobile app. Yes, mobile event app is an always-up, engaged and highly targeted method that puts your message directly in the hands of your attendees.

Ideally, The event mobile app should be released 3 to 4 weeks prior to an event. Once the attendee installs the app, you can engage attendees before an event. We can use this time to share event information, incentives, participation and engagement calls-to-actions and encourage users to share your information via social media to their network.

Now, as you plan for various features, you have to consider a few factors and ideas that bind a strong foundation of your app with the audience. Here are some suggestions by experts that should be accommodated in an event app:

Let event attendees meet with each other

Encourage registered attendees to start networking with each other using the app’s inbuilt messaging functionality. Allow attendee to book an appointment to schedule a meeting with the exhibitors. Showcase the sponsors with their logo in the sponsor section in your app and make them realize to show their brand through advertisement.

According to the survey on Eventbrite, more than 65% of people attending the events or exhibition felt motivational for them by “meeting new friends”.

Make your audience engaged and informed

Attract and notify the attendees to make your audience engaged and informed. Send push notifications and invite attendees to participate in the event program and use the in-app planning to include sessions to their app agenda. Add the FAQs to provide your audience and guide them with the best possible information to their concerns which ensure that they would have the best event experience.

Make sure app works in both online and offline modes

Making your app enabled in both the online and offline mode allows your audience to enjoy the application even without internet connection. Mostly in such big events or exhibition, there are a huge amount of people are present and the problem of signal would definitely interrupt the mobile signals. Sometimes, It is hard for mobile users to log in to the event app or access the information quickly. Thus, it is a good idea to keep most part of the app offline-friendly.

Wrapping UP

So, as an event organizer, provide your audience an interface with the variety of engagements and networking exposure to connect with each other. encourage and make your audience aware and healthier with the event information. Of course, how well it goes in your situation depends on the communicability, quality, and exclusivity and of these functionalities they collectively complement the overall the idea of the event.

If you are planning to organize such a big event or exhibition meetup so an event app would ultimately help your attendee to encourage them to connect and attend your event or exhibition. Still, if you have any concerns or require any consultation for the application development, we are here to guide you. Just reach us at [email protected] and one of our consultants will contact you.