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E-learning Application Development: Benefits and Features of building an online learning platform in 2021

on Jan 4, 2021
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E-learning is a revolution for learners. Learning remains till the last breath of human life. Technology brought various innovations in the world to perform several jobs thoughtfully.

The concept of e-learning platform intentionally introduced for the learners. The internet services are accessible on laptops, desk computers, smartphones, and tablets for the study purpose. These are progressive mediums nowadays.

We think that to learn is concerning only students and teachers, but it is beyond. “Tying up education for selected zones like schools and universities”, is not wisdom. Everyone has the right to learn and educate themselves. So, education mobile app development should affect worldwide. Hence, users can get benefits through.

What is e-Learning or Online learning?

An E-learning program highlights to deeper your knowledge bases from a remote location. It is a program to learn and earn with a low-cost policy. E-learning is for all the users who crossed school time and still willing to learn. It is a platform to get education for enhancing career and other perspectives of life. A place-less technology program creates a personal space for you.

What is the importance of E-Learning App?

First of all, E-learning overcomes the traditional learning system. It creates an environment for students to make use of self-determined learning. Moreover, E-Learning App is cost-effective and removes place dependency difficulties associated with regular classrooms.

Various types of e-Learning

  • e-Learning: The students and the teacher interact online in this type of learning.
  • Online Learning:  It is a combination of blended learning and e-Learning.
  • Distance Learning: This learning option introduced earlier to attract the students globally today. It is also known as online learning. 
  • Digital Learning: It is a combination of online, e-learning and blended learning. It uses a digital camera or conferencing program.

What is the requirement to develop an E-learning application for 2021?

Years ago, distance learning introduced for those who want to learn from home and figure out a comfortable and useful way to get educated.

In 2020, the pandemic has changed an education scenario, and all the educational organizations like schools, institutes, colleges, universities, coaching centres, yoga classes, musical classes, applied E-learning necessary for students/learners to get lessons from home, including established institutes.

We provide on-demand E-learning app development services to schools, universities and institutes for the upcoming term. On-demand services are not limited to specific academics. It is also for other faculties who are willing to deliver e-classes like stitching, painting, crafting, dancing, and more.

Several online courses appeared during this quarantine period, and the fame of remote education has observed by the businessmen and found a prolific investment plan known as E-learning startup.

Being businessmen, your interest should be in creating profits from investment in any product. Are you willing to develop an online E-learning website or app? Contact educational website and app development company.

What is an online learning platform?

An E-learning platform is an approach to take educational materials from websites or mobile apps anywhere, anytime. The E-learning platform is; a room for storing educational material and granting access to learners.

Advantages of the E-learning platforms

  • Course Availability
    There is no dependency and waiting for an appropriate term to apply for online courses. Online courses are convenient to utilise 24*7. Digital equipment (mobile phone or tablet) with the internet has expected to learn online sessions from any area.
  • Overcome Limitations
    There are no age barriers and limitations for learners. Students, kids, and adults can get the permanent benefit of learning from online platforms.
  • Business profits
    Corporate training is exceeding in various countries like Europe, USA and other countries. The integration of e-learning platforms will remarkably enhance employees’ quality performance in work. Our existing clients are satisfied with our
    E-learning app development services.
  • Precaution is advisable
    The schools, universities, and other educational institutes are switching towards online learning setup for reducing the risk of infection. Hence, it is a more reliable precaution to fight against COVID-19 and maintain social distance.
  • Education process manageable
    Apps and websites give administrators access to specific statistics. So they can effortlessly discover what materials learners are researching, what points they make, and how much time they spend in a particular lesson.
  • Preserving speed with the times
    The traditional teaching process was slow, and now part of the past. The E-learning system is rising fast in the market. Everything is possible whatever you want to do, whatever you can take your place.
  • Profit & Saving
    Online learning web or mobile app development is a good idea. Those who are eager to present an educational product with no extra cost. It does not require any site to purchase or rent.
  • Upgrading materials
    Technology brings fresh innovations. As same as new information and scientific works are updating and require to change the curriculum. It is possible through the online educational website and mobile app. You can build an E-learning program and change it as needed.
  • Affordable payments
    It is a suitable alternative for the students/learners/users who can not survive tuition fees and for those students who do not have access to schools in their area.
  • Education for disabled people
    The worth and foremost benefit to disabled people; is to get an education through an incredible E-learning medium.

“People with disabilities have found the internet a real boost because it helps to make life easier by providing online access to services such as banking and food shopping, and also gives them the ability to network with other people who are in the same situation as themselves,” Techradar reported.

Features of building an online learning Platform

A startup must have a deep idea for online learning features concerning a website or mobile app before you build.

E-learning features categorised in three sections.

1) Students, 2) Employees and 3)Teachers

  • Log-in/sign-up functionality – with validations. 
  • User profiles 
  • Progress tracking/dashboard – shows how much course completed and other activities. 
  • Course schedule and search
  • Messaging and video calls 
  • Admin panel – to manage users and educators. 
  • Payment system (various options like UPI, Cards, E-Wallets and more)
  • Blog – for recent updates. 
  • Notifications and social buttons 
  • Reviews/feedback/rating system – User can give ratings in words or numbers. 
  • Support for multiple languages and currencies – easier to gain

Coach-oriented E-learning features:

  • Design online courses and training programs
    A teacher must be able to create online courses, exercises, training programs and other activities.
  • Program administration
    Online courses are no exception, it’s limitless. You have to update your programs from time to time. It is the teacher’s responsibility to create remarkable improvising in programs.
  • Tracking the learning process
    It is necessary to monitor the progress of learners(users/students/employees). Hence, you must develop an online learning website or mobile app with a tracking feature to trace students’ statistics in common and specific.
  • Managing webinars
    You should present E-learning courses in many ways, and the webinar is one of them. It is preferable to save webinar recordings.
  • Access courses
    A student looking around a course, and he/she found your online learning platform. So, he/she should be able to access a program, either free or paid. It depends on your platform, whether you created a loose or chargeable version.
  • Conduct a test or quiz
    The progress can measure by testing through various options. It is impossible to get the right progressive report without taking a learners test. Create a quiz or test for checking the progress of students. They can cross the next chapter once they pass from the examination.
  • Offering Certificates
    A learner earns a course completion certification at the end. Hence, the online learning platform should include a feature issuing certificates for validating that the student has learned a program. You can mark a successful
    E-learning website project like Udemy and HubSpot Academy.
  • How to build an E-learning platform?
    An accurate analysis for any project leads you in the right direction. Before you develop an E-Learning website or mobile app must know the potential users. Is your app fulfils the user’s demand?
  • Target audience
    You can determine what to focus on the analysis of user demands. Furthermore, research well and use the best quality materials, when you share other providers’ content.
  • Usefulness
    Your E-learning platform should have validating features concerning your target audience. What should you give to the chosen members from the target audience to address them as your actual users? Its functionality you need to bring it out for them.
  • UI/UX
    A natural interface design is like an engaging masterpiece. It gives you an awesome vibe, but not seems eye-catchy then it will get you less interest to buy. It is similar for
    E-learning app development. Thus, UI/UX level takes plenty of time to design a marvellous interface. It is advisable to use such motivating colours like “blue for trust”, “green speaks of harmony”, and “red recalls pressure”.
    : UI design has to be user-friendly and distinct.
  • Development & Testing
    A website or app is developing at this level. Honestly, it is a more time-consuming step. Testing is a step where application functionality and features are examined, and the tester ensures workflow once the app works accurately with all the testing standards.
  • Application deployment
    An application or website is ready to launch.

    If you want to develop an E-learning project with custom features for both Android and iOS platforms, you need to contact Android and iOs app development agency.


One can not stop learning. However, the circumstances raise bumps in life. In recent time, E-learning portals are highly in demand for procuring education. It seems an opportunity for the businessmen to take it as a challenge to provide an online learning website development or mobile app and earn profits from it.

Zignuts have delivered numerous education and Mobile Learning Apps with upgraded technology like AR, VR and Machine learning. Hire an E-learning app developer.
We assure you this article is serviceable for you. What’s your thought about your E-learning mobile app or web app? Get in touch with us to discuss your E-learning android app project.

Keep learning!

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