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Want to develop Doctor Appointment Booking App? Key Features to Include to Develop a Doctor Appointment App

September 15, 2021 - 5:16 am - Post by Zignuts
Doctor Appointment Booking App

What can be the most comfortable way for people to book an appointment with the doctor? Now, people use their smartphones to simplify their life. No surprise, it is the easiest way to book a specialized doctor appointment. The possibility to reach doctors online allows the patient to book an appointment by one tap on mobile. Its only saves time but also money. There is no need to waste extended time in the waiting room. Doctor Appointment Booking app can be very useful to senior citizens as well.

Nowadays, Youngsters, also called Millennials, adopt anything that brings comfort and facilitates to their lives. Whether it is a food ordering application or online ticket booking, or online shopping, they adopt time-saving and better technology over conventional, time-consuming and difficult methods.

An On-demand doctor appointment booking app is a solution to those eternal queues outside the doctors’ clinics. The demand for doctor appointment booking app such as Doctor on Demand, Practo, and ZocDoc represents that those long waiting queues will become history soon.

The way how digital healthcare IT solutions industry is transferring has now made it desirable to handle functionalities like bookings, cancellations, re-booking, reminders online, and follow-ups, passing all the excitement linked with standard appointment schedule systems.

What is the need for such an app?

The patient must get quick treatment and medical observation. Though, long queues and huge rush at clinics & hospitals sometimes lead to undesired circumstances. Even for doctors, it is almost impossible to prioritize the cases. A patient in a critical medical condition needs immediate medical attention, and somewhere between this chaos, there is a probability of casualty too.

How about an on-demand app which allows you to get a doctor’s appointment online? Not only that, you can select from a list of specialized doctors by going through their experience, ratings & reviews. It is a way more helpful option for patients who want immediate consultation.

An online doctor appointment app gives much more than just an appointment booking. Patients can find specialized doctors near to their locations, book a lab test, consult with doctors via chat or video call and order medicines online.

Working Professionals, who have restless lives, can book an appointment at their suitable time and visit the doctor.

It is also convenient for doctors since they will anticipate witnessing more patients to their clinic through such medical apps.

Benefits of Doctor Appointment App Development

Benefits for Patients

A doctor appointment booking app is a goldmine for patients as it gives some extraordinary advantages to them.

Choose the right doctor

Such apps have a profile of doctors for each medical division, and it assists patients to find the appropriate doctor and clinics for them. Each doctor’s profile includes primary information, reviews by verified patients, and price of an appointment, academic qualifications, experience, and other information. Such information helps users to determine the right doctor for them.

Online appointment booking

Forget that lengthy queues outside the doctor’s clinic. You can make an appointment with the doctor appointment booking app. Also, you can choose the time and date for the doctor appointment too.

Book a lab test

When the doctor suggests a patient for some lab tests, he can order tests online too. A lab technician will visit the patient’s home and collect blood samples. Patients don’t have to go to the laboratory.

Medicine delivery

An extra feature you can add in the app through that patients can purchase medicines online. Patient just needs to search for drugs or medication prescribed by name and place an order, and make it delivered timely.

Online doctor consultation

Patients can get consult from a doctor through a live chat or video call. Patients share their symptoms, and other information and doctors diagnose the problem and suggest a consultation. You can keep this feature free or paid one.

Benefits for Doctors

Online Consultation

Doctors can maximize their incomes by proposing fruitful responses to the patients who request health-related inquiries. Doctors can register with the app for paid.

Online Profile

Patients look for expert doctors with great academic qualifications and excellent experience. Customers nowadays seek for some information before opt for a doctor and such online profile helps to get more attention from patients.

How much does it cost to develop a Doctor Appointment Booking App?

Determining the exact development cost a doctor appointment booking app is not feasible. The mobile app development company will estimate the development cost with respect to the functionalities, features to be included in the platform and give an estimated cost.

Usually, a simple app with common features will cost up to $30,000.


On-demand doctor appointment app is the need of the time as it helps users to get instant attention for their health problems. Though there are established professionals already existing in the market, a remarkable and feature-rich product will surely find a place.

A great app needs active collaboration between a client and the app development company. Let our proficient mobile app developers help you to give an authentic and significant shape to your idea.