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Football Game is doubtlessly the most popular sport worldwide, Discover new revenue streams with a Football App

on Jun 19, 2018

Undoubtedly football game as so far the most popular sport of all time with more than 3.5 billion Global fans. Such a huge follower means greater revenue annually. It allows generating approximately $28 billion as its global revenues each year. The market demands to take this number even further.

According to the survey, the total number of mobile app downloads hit the 178 billion mark in the year 2017. This statistic shows that connecting football with mobile app development is might be a wise business idea.

Utmost football clubs — also the most popular and valuable one come from Europe. They have their own official mobile apps. Though, apps usually lack the features allowed on the websites. It provides some common functionalities such as live scores, ticket and fixtures, stats, and multimedia hubs.

Hence, It is very important to enable your app with most advanced in-app functionalities to increase the number of football fans in such a way that it benefits to raise the revenue.

Read on down the line to look out how it would be benefited to your business with most advanced features.

Generating the wealth of revenue opportunities

Building the partnership with several mobile app development experts can help you to develop your desired football application may seem a bit costly. Nevertheless, with the use of the following advanced functionalities would ultimately help you way more bang for your buck.

Video on Demand (VoD)

Fans always wanted to know actually everything about their favorite team. They would be associated with your football mobile app if you keep them updated with minute about the favorites, whether it is their favorite players and their favorite team. Thus, you can create user app to satisfy all the demands and this to keep them engaged and connected.

To stem the benefits from this video venture, you can provide them the video library including everything from the training session footages to the repeat match telecast, highlights, press conferences, interviews, marketing strategies, basically every aspect required to keep up them active.

Don’t keep everything for free, you can implement the subscription-based premium videos as well.

Branded Games

Have you ever thought about the total number of gamers across the globe? Well, the survey stats there are more than 2.1 billion gamers worldwide. It looks that 27.6% of the world’s population actively plays mobile games.

Serving an outstanding gaming experience to the football fans is not an easy thing.

Provide football fans to be closer to their favorite team with top-notch mobile games. Such apps will not just engage them, yet it also brings additional revenue streams.

Online Store

According to the report of “The State of mCommerce”, the global mobile market continues to evolve where the UK being the leade with more than 50% of online sales made through the mobiles in the second quarter of the Year 2016.

Why not take advantage of this trend and let football fans shop online for the exclusive items online from jerseys of the favorite football player to several branded stuff, biography books, or sovereign years?

A good option for not losing your revenue opportunity is to create your own online shopping store or e-shop. It would help your users to get experience to purchase their desired products from your application itself without redirecting to other applications.

You can find the better target audiences, predict buyers behavior, present related offers, run customer loyalty, enhance response rates, attract new customers and maximize the ROI with the use of data you gather from your application.

Enhancing the User engagement

Mobile user engagement is the core of success which does not require any stats to understand the success rate. Interactive design and exciting application features can increase the viewership on your app and enable the high number of downloads.

Public Commenting

TV sporting games are enriching the prime second-screen section. To understand, during the 2014 UEFA Champions League, 63% of surfing for games, players, and teams appeared on mobile.

As part of an outstanding second-screen experience, let the users of your football app not just find the match- and team-related info, but also share thoughts and communicate with fellows thanks to a public commenting feature. This way, you will engage fans, save them the need to switch to their social pages or messengers and get additional analytics for better audience targeting.

Let the visitors of your football application not only match, team and player information but also allow them to share their viewpoints and communicating with the fellows by the public comments. So you can increase the fan engagement and reduce the social site redirection from your app. You will also notice the further analytics for the better audience target.


Various team fans usually have that unity and similarity over liking similar contents. However, you can turn the table upside down by making the situation a bit competitive with certain lucrative amazing deals. “ Solve the puzzle and earn rewards, or else answer the following questions and get a gift free” Coming up with search options and providing them with gifts 50 free movie tickets Jersey signed by the football players dinner with favorite players except us can help you an extra Commission for the same

Team fans are generally very correspondence and like-minded. Despite, you can turn the table upside down by offering the state a bit competitive with some fruitful amazing deals. Reward the most enthusiastic fans with tickets for matches, the jersey signed by the football players, free movie tickets, or dinner with favorite players

Moreover, formulate giveaway alerts and contests in such a way that it supplements to the creativity of your application.

Experience Personalization to a New Level

Let users create their individual app profile to save their info on the items and tickets purchased, videos and photos liked or saved, rewards, and alike.

Enable you football app with customized calendar option which shows upcoming matches and events. Allow the user to customize app settings right within the app and receive up-to-date notifications when their favorite team starts playing or becomes part of other outstanding events

Our match does not over yet

Imagine you’ve implemented the above-mentioned functionality to your football app. Result-in, you get a very complex application that has to be easy to use and function without glitches. So, what are the key factors that you need to take into consideration?

Out of the box Design: To stop your users from removing your football app after just using once, ask your application development partner to pay careful attention to UX/UI while assuring excellent user flows.

Safety: Users might share their personal data while using your football app. Make sure your mobile app development partner has the appropriate security skills to guarantee the security of sensitive data.

Robustness: Before enabling your app with such complex features as live betting and chatting, make certain that it has strongly undergone usability testing and can support a huge number of simultaneous users.

After addressing all these feasibilities, the new revenue streams and advanced fan engagement is ready to disrupt the market.

So, if you are thinking to come up with something that encourages you to enlarge a lot of revenue, as well as demand within a short span of time than developing a football, must be your choice. Reach out our Business Development team and get the best price quote today.