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How to develop a live video streaming application?

September 15, 2021 - 5:56 am - Post by Zignuts

Live video streaming application is on the lift and it extending to grow every single day. Live streaming application is trending. In fact, approx 33% of all extended content is estimated for videos. It is excessive to say that pre-produced video content is the next big thing in online marketing. 74% of marketers and small business owners who endured videos endorsed the direct impact on their business.

The use of live streaming for branding has raised by 4X and record reveals that Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo and more tech giants have entered into live streaming. Thanks to the boundless borders of live streaming, we can attend events, conferences, and concerts, while staying at home. This unlocks us up to new practices, guides us with new stuff, shows us new cultures and ideas, lets us work better with other people or in other words — expands our horizons.

Live Streaming Video Statistics

  • 56% of all viewed live content estimates for breaking news broadcasts.
  • Around 70% of the audience is willing to buy a concert/event ticket after watching it live.
  • More than 75% of the viewers are already watching live videos on Facebook.
  • 45% of live video streaming users are ready to pay for live content.
  • Internet video promotion attracts 18x more users than ads on TV.

You must admit that these facts are remarkable. Live video streaming provides an indeed exceptional engagement for ordinary users, as it provides complete interaction with interlocutors online, practically erasing geographical boundaries.

What is a live video streaming application?

Live streaming is a live broadcast of all activities happening on a particular machine. It provides the number of users to view in real time what makes an interesting person.

Who needs a live video streaming application?

Live streaming can be used not only for enjoyment. It can also be used by businesses as a marketing tool for promotion. Statistics say that actual video content is the most trending now so it’s a good idea to start your first broadcast! Live video will surely attract the attention of new clients and keep the existing ones.

Live Video Streaming applications can be divided into two main categories, depending on their functions:

Apps for Video Streaming — These apps are all about video playback. The videos are being stored to a server. Every user can see the videos anytime and anyplace. regardless of the time video uploaded.

Apps for Live Video Broadcasting — These apps are created for online broadcasts. This means the videos aren’t stored in the server. Rather, the videos are broadcasted directly to the viewers. The videos are saved on a server directing them in Video Streaming apps, or not stored at all.

Top live streaming apps. How to choose the best role model?

So, let’s observe what sort of modern live video stream app. Initially, it looks perceptive to think the most popular apps on the market and then to create something not alike but even better and exciting.

Let’s begin with the first — look at the most widespread applications. What are the features the most powerful players offers in the market?

We have recognized 5 of the most successful apps in this portion which are:

  • Livestream
  • Periscope
  • Meerkat
  • Ustream
  • Stre.Am

We suggest you refer to what they are offering to the audience and what features they are providing.

How to start or MVP for that kind of product

Influenced by the success of live video stream players, don’t dive deep into the sea directly and don’t enable your app with all functionalities at once. Try to initiate by creating MVP (Minimum Viable product) first. It will help you to identify how viable your product is and what is lacking at the beginning stage and at least cost.

Firstly, you will need to pick the best and efficient platform. There are certain options. The app can be native or hybrid. A hybrid app is a cross-platform mobile app which allows creating the single app for both Android and iOS without creating an individual app for different platforms. Its code is written with the language of HTML, CSS or JavaScript. The native app is an application designed for a particular platform such as Android or iOS. Considering the native app, you will require to determine the mobile app platform for which you initially want to launch on. It can be Android, iOS, or Windows.

Which features should be included in MVP of a live streaming application?

1. User registration

In your first and basic version, it is quite to make one variant. For instance, it can be registration of the user in your app only. It would be implemented with the combination of a mobile number and password or e-mail and password. And also, you can provide the facility to add a forgotten password recovery function through e-mail or a mobile OTP.

You can also provide the facility to allow the user to log in through social media network. So, the user will be able to sign in using their social media account like Facebook, Twitter etc.

2. Creating a personal user profile

Yourself should decide what kind of necessary information about the user can be recognized from his personal profile. At the primary stage, only a few amounts of data is enough like full name, profile pic, username, email address, subscriptions, and subscribers.

Afterward, you can include a variety of options. It may be the birthdate, location, interests, main themes of streams, whatever you desire.

3. Implementation of online video streaming

Initially, we can just accommodate the function of online streaming without the possibility to watch further. In such case, the server function needs to convert your broadcast and stream it to your audience which means the video won’t stored to any server.

Further, we can realize the additional function of watching previously stored broadcasts. In order to implement this functionality, we would require a large amount of storage. To make it efficient, we can use cloud servers.

4. Live comments

we can add the facility to provide the user to comment on the video. So the viewers can give their feedback to the broadcasters. At a later stage, we can implement the features of Likes and Likes counter. Accordingly, In the profile, we can recognize the total number of likes for all broadcasts, or the number of likes to a page individually.

It can be more engaging and exciting to the user to express their opinion, receive feedback about what they show and enables to realize the criticism and improve the quality of broadcasts.

Also, several stats are always attractive and can improve the popularity of the app.

5. Search

Searching is the fundamental function of any application as it makes your app more user-oriented and user-friendly. It allows finding the information on your app easily.

We should not only improve the process but also need to advance function with different searching filters.

6. Video Quality

Additionally, it is valuable to consider the video quality. Ultimately the quality would make the difference. Your app should be enabled with the quality options too that means the user should be able to set the video quality like one can set the quality to HD mode, Lower resolution mode etc.

It can attract the viewers with low quality or speed of their Internet connection. Thus, you can extend the target audience of the app.

7. Design

Of course, the look and feel are what the user of your app would interact with. The effectiveness of the application often defines the impression of it. It should continually be improved in response to the feedback of users.

8. Privacy

Definitely, not ever you need to be in the limelight. Sometimes you might want to share your emotions and impressions publicly. To accomplish this pretty a natural desire in streaming video apps, it will be beneficial to implement privacy settings.

Allow your users the flexibility to decide with whom they will broadcast and trust me it would increase the number of positive feedbacks. You can give a broad variety of privacy settings to realize the ideal result.

How to generate revenue from the live video streaming app

Let’s be realistic. one of the most primary goals of any startup (of course, besides making the world a better place) is making a profit.

So, how you can generate the revenue from such app?

Here are a few recommended alternatives:
1. Paid app;
2. Freemium;
3. Advertisements in the application.

Absolutely, these are not all of the choices, how to generate the revenue on the application. But these are the most widespread and common ones.


These are only short guidelines on how to develop a live streaming app and What is essential for developing such application. Many obstacles might arise when building and marketing your app, so it’s essential to continually examine and determine what’s unique in the market. It will also encourage you with more ideas. You can think about it in an entirely different way. Your ideas can be quite crazy. And it’s impressive!