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Complete guide for Language Learning App Development

By Zignuts Team on Aug 5, 2021
Complete guide for Language Learning App Development

Mobile apps have extended business boundaries over the world. It increases day by day as comfortable talks help business personas to discuss well in the business summits. But sometimes, dialogues with the consumers might fall apart under the language bar. Nowadays, it becomes a fantasy for people who are crazy about learning languages at home and connecting themselves with people worldwide. Some inquire to learn new languages through a complete solution and make learning web and mobile app platforms.

Yet, it is tough to command on foreign language, and many people find some trouble while learning and give up in the middle of learning. To defeat the obstacle, mobile app development companies are forming a process for the easy-language-learning app. Learners can easily become the maestro of any language using these apps, not one but many languages. You can learn English, French, Chinese, Spanish, German, and many for business purposes or personal interest using apps with no hassle.

What market shows about language learning apps?

In April 2021, the Duolingo app was the most widespread language-learning app worldwide based on monthly downloads. More than 5 Million users downloaded the app to their smart devices during the month. Language learning apps, which connect learning gamification with language addition, have become a frequently successful program to learn and exercise a foreign language for both adults and kids.

Artificial intelligence is reducing the learning time in language learning apps. The syllabus offered by these applications is matching with user requirements. When acknowledgement comes to them, they become more responsible for the users and their preferences.

Features to add-in a while developing a language learning app

Language Learning App Features


The authorization has to be maintained while developing a language learning app. First, basic information must be filled in the app signup page by users like name, email id, gender, age, set a password, and done. Then, the authorization of the social account makes the user registration process easier.

User Profile

Learners need to create accounts and submit their profiles with data by following options;

  • Information correlated with a personal status like photo, sex, and age
  • Language preference
  • Set up a daily or weekly target
  • Specification the language level

Learning Desk

Here, users can access the learning screen to follow their achievements and unite devices for the learning procedure.

Learning Process

A learner sets up a daily routine or target, and he/she needs to complete some exercises regularly to earn a fixed number of points. A learner gets prizes by sufficing assignments successfully and can utilise those prize points for shopping. 

  • There are several assignments a learner can add and enjoy while learning.
  • Translate audio phrase
  • Choose the languages
  • Specific translation possible for a precise portion
  • Records
  • Get suggested words to form a phrase

User Profile Settings

A user profile includes all information concerning the user and authorizes him/her to check his/her growth in language training. They can edit profiles or modify their information or settings whenever they want them.

Online Communal Support

There should be a platform where the learners can interact fully with other learners. It’s like a discussion where they can discuss, set a debate on various topics, exchange choices and exercise on diverse subjects to increase their skills.


The reward points can be collected as a reward and acquired. So when you are developing a language learning app like Duolingo you can earn from it. 


The learners can attend live video learning sessions with real teachers. A live stream functionality in the app improves candidates confidence level. Besides, the studies over the learning app become engaging and inspiring.

Graphic Representation

Marvellous graphics presentation makes the best app glance. Thus, an app interface depends on such graphics. The app design has also become a users’ learning factor.

Benefits of Language Learning App

Learn anywhere any moment

A language learning app supports a targeted group to learn selected languages anywhere and anytime as per their availability. Your app should allow learners to learn a language that will be more fruitful for them in their free time.

Learn all language

The language learning app should develop to learn any language like English, Italian, German, Portuguese, Irish, Spanish, French, Chinese, Etc. A learning experience should be funny and simple for learners.

Great Appearance (UI)

The smoother and attractive user interface is one more benefit of developing a language learning app. A gradual voice is required in the practices for the learners as it tells you to typewrite what to listen to. The app attraction appears, and the second is voice texture that enables learners to hold their learning journey smoother.

Multiple Language Courses

Not all learners may want to learn the same language. Thus your targeted users should welcome multiple courses like various languages they can apply for. Your courses are designed for freshers and intermediates.

Check progress through

Developing a language learning app allows learners to track their progress weekly, daily to know where they stand in learning. Learners can see their work and understand how much they have improved from their prior task. Users should be able to learn and check their progress report along with the best classroom. Hire mobile app developers to develop a language learning app!

Short Term Learning

Language learning app is an alternative to those students who cannot spend time on a regular course. Your app must give proper training or learning within a short term. If the user spends one hour daily, he should get it worth learning. Mobile app development companies will help those businesses build highly functional language learning apps.

How to Build a Language Learning App?

The crucial part of the entire blog. You must know how language learning apps are built.

Build Plans

Your unbreakable plan will shape the exact models and features of the learning app. Execute a plan in your mind first, and then manifestation becomes easy and leads to your product successfully.

Strong source strong information

You need to share information but make sure that your sources are authentic. There is little incorrect information found that will down your app. People find it hard to trust information actually; there would be a chance to lose faith in the app. So better is to design your language app with some expert advice. 

Create extraordinary UI/UX Design

Appearance attracts learners to download the language learning procedure; otherwise, simply learning is a tedious procedure. Creative designs are required in developing an app. Go with flow user interface holds learners interest.

Structured App

App structure is a view where you can order functionality, features into unique identical modules. Rather you allow to build a strong app structure, develop the app using a flexible structure. These modules contain all the necessary things to fulfil the individual function. It opens a way to update the app easily and save money too.


We assure you that this read will empower the learners and give startup ideas to put the new dimension for learners. Three most important factors discussed in the entire read; features, benefits and how to build a learning app. Above all, a language expert is required to shape the concept of developing a learning app in the right way. For that, your development partner should have a precise format and developing experts. Hire dedicated mobile app developers to succeed in your vision. Learn more.

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