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On-demand Bike Sharing App Development: Important Features to keep in mind

on Mar 6, 2019
On-demand Bike Sharing App Development

This article is for those entrepreneurs and startup, who envision a bike sharing business and want to develop an on-demand app. In this blog, we have included general features of top bike sharing app and its development cost.”

The days are back when people were riding a bike to go on short local trips. Subsequent to on-demand uber like app and car sharing, now it’s peak time for bike sharing service that allows people to rent a bike as their usual means of transportation.

People are admiring this new transportation medium by quickly renting a bike.

The trend of riding a bike for nearby work trips and other small trips around the city is getting prominence everywhere from small towns to metropolitan cities.

Fortunately, with the universality of smartphones and advancements in bike technology, since the last one to two years have witnessed strong growth in the use of bike sharing apps and services across the world.

There are a number of best bike sharing apps like Mobike, Ofo, Zagster, LimeBike and some other popular apps across the world. But do you know which of these bike apps providing exceptional services to its customers? Let’s take a look at the most common features providing by these well-known bike sharing apps.

Most Common Features of Bike Sharing Application

1. Find Nearby Bike

One of the essential features of bike sharing app is that it allows people to discover and look for the nearby available bikes. Using bike sharing app, people can find bikes in their nearby current location so that they do not have to go far away at the station and rent a bike.

Using the GPS location technology, the app tracks the bikes through its application, allowing other people to find bike easily. So, considering this highly primary feature in bike sharing app plays a vital role if you want to attract a number of people to adopt your bike sharing service.

2. Lock & Unlock Bike Anywhere Through Bike Number

As soon as the people find a nearby bike, they can unlock the bike using the app. Then the user just need to tap the “unlock” button and scan the QR code to automatically unlock the bike.

With just a simple tap and scan, people can unlock the bike and explore the city or reach at their destination easily. So, as a startup, we need to make sure to make it easy for users to lock & unlock the bike with the smart bike sharing app without any hassle.

3. In-App Payment

Another most important feature to offer to the app users is paying for the trip as simple as possible. After locating a nearby bike and unlocking it, bike rider needs to make payment for their trip right from the app. Sometimes, we can also introduce deposit or auto-deduct feature that can automatically deduct the money from the user’s account and keep it in the escrow as a security reason.

4. Ability to Check-out Trip Details

One of the most useful features in the on-demand app is allowing riders to check out the details of the trip that they have traveled through the bike.

The users can have a detail look at the trip in the map view and know from where they started their riding journey, traveling through various areas. For riders, it is the most useful feature since they can know and track the journey that they have traveled.

5. Advanced Booking

The most recommended feature which any bike sharing service provider can include is allowing its user to book in advance. Using a bike sharing app, the user can book a bike in advance so when they are going office, classes or college they don’t get late to their destination.

Though you might imagine that there are a number of bikes on the street, yet in many areas, a bike sharing system is very popular that the bikes get out for rent instantly. So, it would be better to accommodate this feature, allowing riders to book the bike in advance.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Bike Sharing App?

Now, you might have one of the primary questions in your mind – how much does it cost to develop a Bike Sharing App which includes these essential features. Let’s check out.

Since we recently developed a similar Bike Sharing App for our client from Europe, according to our experience, it may take around 6 to 8 weeks. However, this is the approximate time of developing a dockless on-demand bike sharing app considering the above features. These development times may vary depending upon the developer you hire or mobile app development company that you hire.


We just look over the essential features, on-demand bike sharing services must include. Still, if you have any query or confusion related to bike sharing app development or you want to know an exact cost of developing best bike sharing app including features like GPS based-locating bike, Geo-fencing, database management, and payment gateway integration to auto payment, you can get in touch with us through directly. Our mobile app consultant will get back to you with the exact cost for developing a custom app according to your business model.