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Augmented Reality App for the Wine Industry

on Apr 20, 2021

You might have noticed a change or newness while visiting the market online/offline every week, month or year wise. These variances are correlated to infrastructure design, conferring various marketing strategies, upgrading professions, promotional activities for a new addition of products and services. In this scenario, technology is highly approachable by businesspeople to represent their services and products digitally. A smartphone is of the best leading mobile phone uses various technologies like AR, VR and Wearables. Businesses are accepting these technologies to earn more and expand their customer foundation. Augmented Reality is a technology that gives liveliness to the product by developing a mobile app from an on-demand mobile app development company.
For increasing sales and increase profits, AR apps are implying to businesses for receiving customers’ attention. The wine industry is supremely profiting from AR technology. The winemakers found an idea to sell their product through AR applications.
Moreover, wine is one drink that concerns story, art, romance, and adventure. Having a glass of wine in your hands and cherishing the wine stories are exciting people at the party. People are enthusiastic to know about the historical prospect of many things like traditions, food, beverages, wars, ancient properties, places and many more.
Here, augmented reality has taken place to facilitate proprietors’ to tale these releases beautifully and interact with the users. Mobile app development services like building AR apps can help your business to imitate an artificial impress.

What is Augmented Reality?

What is Augmented Reality

Todays’ technology is a blessing. It creates a live display making it more precise for the user delivering the best class experience. Augmented Reality apps have designed with a combination of the physical and virtual worlds. Thus, giving a hands-on experience about the real world.
Unique hardware required that includes sensory input and output makes it a supplement user experience by integrating information in text, graphics, and audio form. Smartphones are the best sources as their inbuilt cameras’ and sensors such as GPS make the best way to use AR.
Augmented Reality stands apart from Virtual Reality. There is a thin line of difference. Virtual Reality gives a brand new impression that is not similar to the physical environment.
The goal of Augmented Reality is to give the best experience to the users. Make it look similar to that of the virtual world. The Augmented Reality apps are appealing in the military, airforce, entertainment, engineering design, robotics, etc.

Who invented Augmented Reality?

Mortin Heilig is a Cinematographer who used the techniques of Augmented reality in 1957. He invented Sensorama that delivered sound, smell, noise vibrations, visuals to the user.
Let’s lean in to know more about this invention.

Augmented technology in Wine Industry 

The augmented reality technology has taken a higher hand in the wine industry. It is a pure combination of human curiosities and technology. The wine industry has evolved to a greater level by giving the liberty to use the augmented reality apps(Android), providing the details of their products, making the customer feel lively, and allowing them to choose based on the details provided by using the applications.
Some of the best Augmented Reality wine applications are as below;

  • Living Wine Labels app by 19 Crime Wines:
    It had launched by an Australian Company – Treasury Wine Estates. It is a user-friendly mechanism when scanned the details of the wine bottles. They are narrating motivating stories making it curios for the customers to shelf their collections.
  • Walking Dead Wine App: Chatting bottles:
    After the success of 19 Crimes, Treasury wine estates introduced more wine brands with the Zombie mark. It is a uniqueness that there are bottles placed aside to speak for themselves as the labels show a story, thus making it curious for the customers to buy more bottles.
  • Embrzen Wine Brand Celebrating Women:
    When wine companies made it a trend to use AR app, these companies fire up new ideas to promote their products. Keeping on track with the social trends, they include stories about women from history.
  • Winery Tale – For all Wineries:
    They mainly focused on Australian wine producers to seek advantage with overseas wine labels. They generate huge profits with a mechanism of talking about the enthralling wine tales using AR applications making it their integral part of their brand.
  • Let’s check the best Augmented Reality Apps for iOS:
    Google Maps
    Civilization AR
    The Machines
    Smash Tanks
  • Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android:
    Just a line
    Sketch Fab

How to make Augmented reality apps? How to create augmented reality apps for Android?

How to make Augmented reality apps

The application follows a simple procedure.
1. Image Input:
The real-world image will capture using a smartphone’s camera. One can scan the barcode or click on the image to extract all the details.
2. Image Processing and Computer Vision:
Algorithms have designed and applied to process the image, and a computer vision module has triggered that help to interpret the image of the physical world. In this scenario, the wine bottle’s brand name and type must be recognized.
3. Synthetic Content Generator:
In the case of this industry, several apps react in many ways to input the image. Some of them may narrate a story or bring a character to life or initiate moving pictures as per the synthetic content. In many instances, the synthetic content is already stored on a web server and has retrieved in real-time.
4. Rendering Phase:
The synthetic content inflicted with the image of the actual world and prompt to the user.
Any grown industry does have some drawbacks/challenges to incur. That’s how that industry can do better to overcome these hurdles.
5. Challenges in AR application of Wine Industry:

  • The difficulties faced by the Wine industry using AR can majorly relate to technology. 
  • The camera’s quality, orientation, and lightning positions play a vital role with the better the quality, the better the results. 
  • It can rectify only by realizing these hurdles after using the applications. 
  • The machine learning algorithms must be powerful to cater to all the types of variations in images. It consumes time and software to tenures accurate content has visualized while using the app.
  • Speed is another challenge where a mobile camera typically streams 30 images per second which means the software is time only for 30 seconds to complete all the AR phase. If delayed, the user may not get the utmost experience. 
  • Creating content for their users to review the app is another challenging task as they must be on their toes to create innovative content that attracts its customers and make them curious to use the app. 
  • Appealing content must produce time and again for the customers to purchase their product.

Firms must invest in AR content-creating Android and iOS mobile app development companies to stand out in creating such augmented reality visuals giving the best experience always.


Numerous on-demand mobile app development services build up such AR applications bringing the future to customers and helping the companies grow as tech-savvy. The Android and iOS mobile app development firm surely take a long leap with such an innovation.
While this is the beginning of another era, augmented technology is making its way to reach the new minds with such innovations, and the next in line can be to create games, making them more appealing to the users. A wine industry so closed can enforce such growth, and there is a high scope for technology to reach peaks with more learning and more development. Contact us for Augmented Reality app development.

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