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8 Reasons Why We Love Preschool App For Parent & Teacher.

on Jan 15, 2020
Preschool App Development for parents and teacher - Zignuts Technolab

“Manage Communication & Improve teaching”

Powerful and clear communication between school and parents is very vital for the children’s growth at preschool . Most Pre-schools now have a website but how many parents really use it? It is necessary that school communicate instantly and efficiently with parents which can be time consuming and expensive.

Pre-schools are currently using various means of communication such as text messaging, email and newsletters but they all have a cost and the information that is sent can be limited. If you think the costs of text messaging and printing costs alone it can run into the thousands.

Most parents now own a smartphone that is with them most of the time. If you look at all of the time, money and resources it takes to communicate with parents then what could possibly be better than reaching them directly on their mobile phone?

A pre-school mobile app assures that this appropriate request of parents is met in a cost-effective and effective way. Kudos to new technology which has helped out the communication process broadly.

The following are the quick some important features of our pre-school mobile app.

Features of PreSchool management App

Active engagement of Parents & Teachers to fill up the communication gap

To be honest the chat feature is an amazing “pre-school management app”. It allows teachers & parents to communicate, cooperate, and plan together with a different place that would enhance students’ performance.

Access the Information in any device.

Our app provides easy access because not all people can afford a computer at home or to have an internet connection, well from the past few years mobile phones being really close to the people which are carried out in the pocket, so parents can easily access the information at home and their workplace too.

Create the groups of students according the class

Sometimes the teacher should teach in more than one class so they need to join with the many groups of parents by creating groups or classes for individually teaching a class you get.

Registering & tracking the Attendance

Teachers can Log attendance period wise of students in their class in no time, without any paperwork and share with the parents.

Share the story of classroom

Quick share of school activities, event photos, videos, class stories, student progress, Score, grades & report cards, announcements with parents. Parents will check the stories and can like & comments on the story.

Teachers can view the likes & also make comments of parents’ responses.

Simple Sharing of school news and calendar

Parents can keep track of major academic activities such as exam programs, class timetables, events, parent-teacher meetings, etc. The teacher will manage the calendar and activity and that will be displayed to all the parents.

Stay updated via message & notification

Parents receive the regular notifications of the latest program of tests & assignments, events, time table, results, new activities, Circulars & Notices, & celebrations.

Multiple Languages support

The application supports multiple languages, you can translate the message or content in any language.


The pre-school mobile app allows you to regularly check up on your child’s progress & facilitate to enhance parent-teacher relationships where teachers and parents can come together and work concurrently towards the same goal.